What services does TCS offer?

1 Answer:
  • Shah Ali
    TCS offers a consulting-led, cognitive-powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology, and engineering services and solutions. This is delivered through its unique Location Independent Agile™ delivery model, recognized as a benchmark of excellence in software development.
  • Is Ecosport petrol worth buying?

    The Ford Ecosport petrol is of course worth buying because it is a very fun to drive engine. I own the turbo petrol engine and it has less fuel efficiency due to which it was discontinued but I don't think you will face such issue with the dragon engine. Go for it as it has great performance on offer.
  • Is CNG kit successful in Ford Figo?

    Hi, Technically CNG/LPG kit can be fit to Figo. However the utility, maintenance factors such as validity of warranty backup are to be considered before going for the same.14 ago 2012
  • Is Honda Amaze available in CNG?

    (HCIL), leading manufacturer of premium cars in India, today launched its CNG-ready variant of the family-sedan Honda Amaze. The new variant Amaze 1.2 S MT Plus (i-VTEC) is modified petrol Honda Amaze which is compatible for CNG fuel option.12 feb 2015
  • Why is my check engine light flashing and my traction control light on?

    If the light blinks on and off intermittently, it can mean that the system is “hard coded” or beginning to deteriorate. This issue can be caused by faulty wheel-speed sensors — which alert your car's computer to a potential loss of traction — or there could be a problem with the traction-control system's computer.6 may 2021
  • What is service stabilitrak and check engine light?

    When the StablikTrak Service message comes on, it means that the Stabilitrak system is malfunctioning. The most common problem that the Service StabiliTrak comes on is due to the failure of one of the ABS wheel speed sensors.