What year of F-150 should you avoid?

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  • Cheong Eric
    Amongst Ford enthusiasts, there is one year that people know to avoid with the F-150 and that is the 2004 model year. These are considered to be the worst F-150 trucks that were ever made for a few different reasons.4 jun 2021
  • How much does it cost to fix a Ford Focus transmission?

    roughly $3,500-5,000
    A full transmission replacement will cost roughly $3,500-5,000. However, if you are in the market for a Ford Focus and want peace of mind after buying your new vehicle, consider the Carshield warranty, which has plans that got you covered also on the transmission of your Ford Focus.12 ene 2022
  • What is paddle shift in Ford EcoSport?

    The Paddle Shift lever, right on the steering wheel, allows you to make the most out of EcoSport's 6 Speed Automatic Transmission.
  • Which is better Titanium or ST-line?

    Overall, both the Ford Focus Titanium and the Ford Focus ST-Line are impressive cars and both offer excellent features and benefits. The Ford Focus Titanium is better suited to drivers who prefer to ride in comfort and is a more practical car well-suited to families.
  • What transmission does a Ford EcoSport have?

    six-speed automatic transmission
    Engine, Transmission, and Performance

    The 2022 EcoSport is only offered with a 166-hp four-cylinder engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive.
  • Is the 5.4 L Triton a good engine?

    The 5.4-lit Triton V8 engine is one of the most reliable and capable engines for full-size vehicles. This motor powers Ford's most important vehicles, including Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, and the F150 truck.