What is Ford Eco Cruise?

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  • Afiq Abdullah
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    It's called eco cruise it works a lot like standard cruise control in that it still maintains yourMoreIt's called eco cruise it works a lot like standard cruise control in that it still maintains your speed on flat roadways. But with eco cruise. When you tap the brake.

    What is Ford Eco Cruise?

  • Does Ford Focus Active have cruise control?

    Other smart features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Evasive Steering Assist and Adaptive Front Lighting System. The All-New Focus Active goes even further to tailor your driving performance to suit your driving style and the environment you're in with Selectable Driving Modes.
  • What is a Ford active?

    Ford Active Range

    The new Active crossover range is made for the city and built for adventure. SUV-inspired exterior design, advanced technologies, and interiors that are tailor-made to be comfortable, durable and contemporary. Discover an entirely new concept from Ford. Active by name. Active by nature.
  • What's the difference between a Ford Focus and a Ford Focus Active?

    The Ford Focus Active is essentially a raised version of the standard Focus family hatch, so it looks more like an SUV. It's only 30mm taller but both the hatchback and estate versions are designed to appeal to people who love the styling of an SUV but want a car that's efficient and good to drive.
  • What Ford Focus models are AWD?

    You'll find a variety of different AWD and 4WD options throughout the Ford lineup, including: Ford Focus RS (AWD) Ford Fusion (AWD) Ford Taurus (AWD)
  • Can I fit cruise control to my van?

    Motor Mods can install cruise control to virtually any modern vehicle on the road, including cars, light commercial vehicles and motorhomes.