What engine is in a GR Yaris?

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  • Joe Jojie
    Toyota GR Yaris
    Toyota GR Yaris (XP210)
    EnginePetrol: 1618 cc G16E-GTS turbo I3 (GXPA16) 1490 cc M15A-FKS I3 (MXPA12; RS)
    Power output192–200 kW (257–268 hp; 261–272 PS) 88 kW (118 hp; 120 PS) (RS)
    Transmission6-speed V16-series manual K120 CVT with physical first gear (RS)
  • Does 2012 Focus have Bluetooth?

    Our 2012 Ford Focus SE Sedan starts at $17,995 when you include the $725 destination fee.
    The Bottom Line.
    Tech specs
    Observed fuel economy33.6 mpg
    NavigationOptional (not equipped)
    Bluetooth phone supportSync voice-activated, hands-free calling
    19 jul 2012
  • What is difference between 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder?

    The gas in your car causes a combustive event that pushes the piston to the crankshaft; the more cylinders there are, the more power your car can generate and the more power your engine has. 4-cylinder engines have 4 pistons that connect to the crankshaft, and 6-cylinder engines have 6 pistons that connect.20 ago 2018
  • What does a 4-cylinder car mean?

    So what does 4-cylinder mean? It's as simple as it sounds: There are four cylinders in the engine. That means there are four pistons, four fuel injectors, and four cylinders powering the car.8 dic 2020
  • Is there a car with 24 cylinders?

    The 3,974-HP, 24-Cylinder THOR Semi Just Sold for $13.2 Million (Yes, You Read That Right)27 nov 2019
  • Is there a 5-cylinder Jetta?

    The Jetta available in the Americas and the Middle East is powered by a 2.5-litre 5-cylinder 20-valve engine in most trims. This engine shares its cylinder head design with the V10 engine found in the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8.