Which Toyota has Turbo?

1 Answer:
  • Wan Mark
    Lexus NX 200t
    Toyota's newest U.S. turbo is offered in the all-new '15 Lexus NX 200t luxury compact CUV. "The market for vehicles that combine a turbocharger with a small-displacement engine is increasing," says Izumi Watanabe of Toyota's Engine Product Design Div. "So Lexus decided to adopt its first-ever turbocharged engine.24 oct 2014
  • Is a 2.5 L engine a V6?

    The displacement of modern V6 engines is typically between 2.5 to 4.0 L (153 to 244 cu in), though larger and smaller examples have been produced, such as the 1.8 L (110 cu in) Mazda V6 used in the 1991–1998 Mazda MX-3, or the 1.6 L (98 cu in) Mitsubishi V6 engine used in the 1992–1998 Mirage/Lancer, while the largest ...
  • What drive is a 2012 Ford Focus?

    Used 2012 Ford Focus Specs & Features
    Drive typeFront wheel drive
    Transmission5-speed manual
  • Does VW make a 5-cylinder engine?

    VW's familiar 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine has been standard equipment in many gasoline-fueled variants of the Jetta and Passat sedans, along with Beetle hatchbacks and convertibles.12 sept 2013
  • Does number of cylinders affect power?

    The output horsepower of the engines will increase with the number of cylinders in the engine. The number of engine cylinders increases the engine load carrying capacity due to the increase in horsepower. Think of a 2000-pound wagon being pulled by four horses, six horses, and eight horses.2 dic 2015
  • What is a 2.5 liter engine?

    2.5L LCV Features

    The 2.5L also features a high-pressure direct-injection fuel system, dual overhead camshafts with continuously Variable Valve Timing, electronic throttle control, and pistons with jet-spray oil cooling. All features coalesce to enhance efficiency, performance, emissions, and drivability.