Do you need side markers Ontario?

1 Answer:
  • aquaman
    You will not get a ticket for not having an unlit side marker light. Ontario law only requires two headlights and one tail light as minimum and a light to illuminate the rear licence plate. You do need to use them to indicate lane changes etc.1 Mar 2018
  • Are daytime running lights required in Canada?

    All cars manufactured since 1989 in Canada are required to have running lights, so it is rare to find a vehicle without them. The lights, which illluminate the headlights, aren't for lighting up the road ahead but for increasing a car's visibility to others during the day.1 Nov 2017
  • Are side indicators a legal requirement?

    A. As well as the main indicator lamps at the front, all cars manufactured since 1986 must have at least one indicator lamp on each side — known as a side repeater. The only exception is if the car has wraparound front indicators visible from both the front and the side.14 Oct 2014
  • Can you drive with a broken headlight during the day?

    Driving during the daytime with a missing cluster is fine. Driving during the daytime with a broken cluster can be an offense.9 Sept 2016
  • Is it illegal to drive in the rain without headlights on?

    Driving without proper working headlights is illegal. Although you may feel that one headlight is enough to see on the road, you are at risk of driving with no visibility if the other goes out whilst you are in motion.
  • Are day time running lights compulsory?

    Daytime running lights (or DRLs) automatically switch on with the vehicle's engine and are designed to operate during daytime hours. They are compulsory on all newly-designed cars and most other types of road-legal vehicles.22 Feb 2022