What Vitamin Are you lacking when you are tired?

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  • Andrew Wong
    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is essential for the production of red blood cells and DNA. It is also essential for the functioning of the nervous system. When your body does not receive enough vitamin B12 you may feel fatigued and tired all the time.
    23 Sept 2020
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    You can't work more than 48 hours a week on average - normally averaged over 17 weeks. This law is sometimes called the 'working time directive' or 'working time regulations'. You can choose to work more by opting out of the 48-hour week. If you're under 18, you can't work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.
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    The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require employers to provide meal or breaks periods to employees. When employers choose to provide rest or meal breaks, they may be subject to regulations. In this article, we discuss meals and breaks laws state by state.
  • Can lack of sleep make you act drunk?

    One standout finding is that a lack of sleep affects the body the same way drinking alcohol does. Research found that after 17 hours without sleep, our alertness is similar to the effects of a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%, which according to U.S. law is considered "impaired" on the legally drunk scale.5 Apr 2016
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