How long do CV axles last?

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  • Dzul Fahmi
    How long do CV axles last? Generally speaking, CV axles can last up to 100,000 miles. However, because different cars are driven on different types of terrain, there are still some instances where the CV axle can end up wearing out faster. That's why you need to know the symptoms of a bad CV axle.
  • Can your brakes make noise while driving?

    Most of the time, this is caused by a rock or other debris being stuck in between the backing plate and the rotor. However, it could also be caused by a bent backing plate. When you hear grinding while using your brakes, then this is a serious problem. It may sound a bit like running over a highway rumble strip.13 jun 2016
  • Can you replace just one CV axle?

    CV joints and boots can be replaced individually, but most professional technicians and even do-it-yourselfers prefer to replace the whole halfshaft assembly with a remanufactured shaft.
  • Where are CV joints located on a car?

    drive shaft
    Constant velocity joints, or more commonly known as CV joints, are located at each end of the drive shaft. They connect the wheels to the axles as well as to the transmission.
  • How do you take apart a CV joint?

    Part of a video titled CV Axle Complete Dis-assembly - YouTube
    Inside the housing it's visible at the bottom of the housing cup. Can be taken out easily. Once theMoreInside the housing it's visible at the bottom of the housing cup. Can be taken out easily. Once the clip is gone the housing will slide right off leaving the inner assembly still on the shaft.
  • Can you drive a 4wd without front CV axle?

    Yes you can drive your truck with out cv joints. But you do need part of the cv joint . If that makes any sence. If you break a cv joint pull it apart and remove the joint of the cv closes to the wheel.Be sure to remove the other parts of the cv joint not used.15 feb 2007