Whats the difference between sport mode and drive?

1 Answer:
  • Kenneth Ng
    D stands for regular Drive mode. This is similar to drive mode in other vehicles. The S stands for Sports mode and will engage a few extra features when driving in that specific mode. Simply move the gearshift to either the D or the S depending on which mode you would like your vehicle to drive in.8 jun 2018
  • What is B in CVT?

    The "B" actually stands for "braking". This mode is specifically for use when a higher level of engine braking is required, such as descending steep hills. "B" mode allows the engine to rev to 3000 Rpm throughout the speed range so a far greater engine braking resonse is felt when letting off the accelerator.24 abr 2014
  • What does El mean on Expedition?

    Extended Length
    The EL trim stands for Extended Length and offers more interior room than the standard Ford Expedition model.
  • Is Eco mode harder on your car?

    It is more effective in city driving than on the highway because it primarily affects acceleration. Although you can engage EM any time, it will have much less impact on fuel economy when touring down the highway.20 dic 2021
  • Which has more cargo space Suburban or Expedition?

    The Chevrolet Suburban provides its owners with 121.7 cu. ft of luggage volume, while the Ford Expedition only offers 104.6 cu. ft. As for interior cargo volume, the Suburban measures out to 39.3 cu.
  • Is Ford Explorer RWD good in snow?

    Is the Ford Explorer Good in the Snow? The Ford Explorer performs well in the snow because it can handle a multitude of road conditions. With the intelligent Terrain Management System (TMS) with 4WD, the technology monitors and adjusts the vehicle's handling and traction based on changing driving conditions.