Is it safe to drive an old car long distance?

1 Answer:
  • Zul D Iskandar
    If you have taken care of your old car and it works reliably, it is safe to take long distances. A car that needs constant repairs or frequently fails to start shouldn't be trusted to take you far from home.10 nov 2021
  • How much is a Ford Expedition 2019?

    Used 2019 Ford Expedition Pricing

    The standard-length Limited starts at about $64,300, while the Max is about $67,000. If you want all the trimmings, the Expedition Platinum starts at about $74,700, or $77,350 for the Max. Four-wheel drive will add about $3,000 to the total.
  • Can a 4 door be a sports car?

    When you combine the DNA of a sports car with the practicality of a four-door sedan, the result can be pure magic. Commutes, errands, family trips, and relaxing drives can all be accomplished with one vehicle when you're behind the wheel of a four-door sports car.23 sept 2021
  • Why are new explorers rear wheel drive?

    Why Did the Sixth-Generation Ford Explorer Switch to Rear-Wheel Drive? Ford's engineers say that the rear-drive chassis offers a newfound sense of balance thanks to its improved weight distribution, and Explorer loyalists that have test driven the sixth-generation vehicle concur.15 may 2020
  • What picture mode is best for football?

    The best setting out of the box is either "cinema" or "movie" mode. It's an ideal setting for watching any channel or content on your big screen. You can leave it there but the picture may seem dark since it's primarily set up for movie watching and in a dark room.1 sept 2021
  • What is 4A on a Ford Expedition?

    In 4A mode, the system is interactive with the road, continually monitoring and adjusting power delivery to the front and rear wheels to optimize traction based on terrain mode selection.