What is the average width of a sedan?

1 Answer:
  • Jafri Basri
    The average car's width is between 70", or 5'10", and 80", or 6'8". Most car widths will fall somewhere closer to the 70" range, but there are some notable exceptions in cars commonly found in the USA.3 Mar 2020
  • Does Lincoln make a full-size sedan?

    All-new just last year, the 2018 Lincoln Continental is a comfortable full-size luxury sedan that offers turbo engines and all-wheel drive.
  • Are Ford Focus sedan good cars?

    Driving. Much like its upscale interior, the driving characteristics of the 2017 Ford Focus help it stand out in its class even after several years on the market. For starters, it's one of the most comfortable compact cars to drive on the highway, and it has very enjoyable handling manners.
  • What is the biggest Ford sedan?

    While not a size term relative to its predecessors, full-size indicated the largest and most complete sedan offered by Ford (at 134 inches long, the Model T was 6 inches shorter than the introductory 1976 Ford Fiesta).
  • Is the Ford Fiesta a small car?

    The Ford Fiesta is one of the best-value small cars around. Not only is it very affordable, the Fiesta is also brilliant to drive, comfortable, well equipped and easy to live with.
  • Are Ford sedans good?

    Consumer Reports' survey shows that many Ford models, including the Fusion sedan, Mustang and Expedition, have an average reliability score. The 2021 Ford Edge scored above average in the survey. Even with average marks for reliability, Ford remains a popular and trusted brand.16 Sept 2021