Is a Ford Focus SE considered a sedan?

1 Answer:
  • MjMax
    Ford offers the Focus as a sedan or a 5-door hatchback.
  • Why are car dealerships marking up prices?

    Because dealerships are making fewer sales, they're playing catch-up by marking up auto prices to levels that exceed manufacturers' suggested retail prices, according to a Washington Post report.18 Feb 2022
  • What is the average price of a Ford car?

    Trefis expects the Average Price of Ford (NYSE:F) Vehicles in North America to increase from around $38,500 in 2020 to about $40,000 by 2022.12 Jul 2021
  • Has Ford increased their prices?

    Ford models that will increase in price

    The Ford Explorer, Transit-150, Ranger, and F-Series Super Duty will all see a price increase of at least $250 on the 2021 models. The 2022 Transit Connect is also going up by $250 on all styles. The EcoSport will increase by $400, and the Ford Edge will cost consumers $500 more.
    23 Nov 2021
  • Is Ford Taurus a luxury car?

    2021 Ford Taurus - Luxury Sedan Car| Ford Oman.
  • What kind of car is a sable?

    Mercury Sable
    Model years1986–2005 2008–2009
    Body and chassis
    ClassMid-size car (MY 1986–2005) Full-size car (MY 2008–2009)