How reliable is the J35 engine?

1 Answer:
  • John chen
    The Honda j35 engine has been recommended by millions of customers all around the world. Not only has this motor been formed to be durable, which means able to withstand anything, it has also been claimed as very reliable.
  • Does Honda have direct injection?

    Despite Honda's reputation for building great engines, the Japanese automaker has been slow to adopt direct injection (DI). The technology is now commonplace in all segments of the market, and allows for higher compression ratios and therefore improved efficiency.29 nov 2011
  • Is my car fuel injection?

    How do I know if my car is direct injection? When checking a car with direct injection, watch out for the Check Engine light staying on after the engine is started. Avoid a car if there is a gasoline smell noticeable under the hood. A low engine oil level can be an indication of excessive oil consumption.12 feb 2020
  • When did Honda go to direct injection?

    After years of showing limited interest in the fuel-saving technology, Honda has developed direct injection for its volume four- and six-cylinder engines for introduction in 2012. The trio of direct-injection powerplants covers everything from the compact Civic to the Ridgeline pickup truck.30 nov 2011
  • Are Honda Earth Dream engines good?

    Honda earth dream engines are above average in the reliability score, so we can say the engine is reliable.
  • Does Honda HRV have direct injection?

    All four trims of the 2021 Honda HR-V are powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with multipoint fuel injection technology and a direct injection system.

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