How do I know if my Honda car is fuel injected?

1 Answer:
  • Dr. Lambo
    The easiest way to tell is in the way you cold-start the engine. With a fuel-injected engine, you don't touch the gas; you just turn the key and it starts, because the injector automatically spritzes fuel into the engine. * Once or twice. Usually just once.23 may 2017
  • Does VTEC work with Turbo?

    Honda' s VTEC TURBO is a technology that efficiently uses every last drop of gasoline, through a combination of turbo charger, direct injection system, and variable valve timing mechanism. Through VTEC TURBO and hybrid systems, Honda strives to combine driving pleasure with environmental performance.
  • Are Honda V6 engines direct injection?

    Despite Honda's reputation for building great engines, the Japanese automaker has been slow to adopt direct injection (DI).29 nov 2011
  • Is Honda HR-V worth buying?

    Is the Honda HR-V a Good SUV? Yes, the Honda HR-V is a good subcompact SUV. It delivers an enjoyable driving experience while also boasting great fuel economy estimates. Inside, you'll find lots of cargo room, and you can fold Honda's rear Magic Seat several ways to accommodate bigger items.22 oct 2021
  • What year did Honda go to direct injection?

    After years of showing limited interest in the fuel-saving technology, Honda has developed direct injection for its volume four- and six-cylinder engines for introduction in 2012. The trio of direct-injection powerplants covers everything from the compact Civic to the Ridgeline pickup truck.30 nov 2011
  • Is j35y1 direct injection?

    This is a direct injection version with 11.5:1 compression ratio. Application: Acura RLX or Honda Legend. J35Y5 - 290 hp (216 kW) at 6,200 rpm, 267 lb-ft (362 Nm) at 4,500 rpm, direct injection. Application: Acura MDX.

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