What's the most expensive Honda Accord?

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  • Aliahmed Polash
    The Accord Sedan is available in 5 different trim level options: LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX-L and Touring. The LX is the base trim level option, while the Touring is the highest, most expensive configuration.
  • Is Eco mode good for long trips?

    The trade off is sluggish acceleration. Eco Mode is best used in conjunction with Cruise Control for "Long Distances" where acceleration, stopping + starting , and traffic is of least concern.24 Mar 2017
  • Is Ivtec better than VTEC?

    Part of a video titled VTEC vs iVTEC: What's The Actual Difference? - YouTube
    Into one system results in a really efficient. And really powerful engine. The VTEC part of theMoreInto one system results in a really efficient. And really powerful engine. The VTEC part of the system has two different cam lobes one for low rpm one for high rpm.
  • What are different driving modes on Kia Forte?

    Kia Models and the Kia Driving Modes in Each

    Optima– Normal, COMFORT, ECO, and SPORT.
    1 Jul 2019
  • How do I know if it's too icy to drive?

    So even when your thermometer says it's above freezing the roadway may still be frozen. Look for ice on your wipers, side view mirrors, road signs or trees as other signs that extra caution is needed. Avoid driving at night or very early in the morning when it's coldest. You can't always see ice coming.
  • Is it worth buying Honda City 4th gen in 2021?

    But still - the kind of Plush Seating Space and feel good factor which you will get with Honda City will stay with you on long term basis. If you seek Value for Money Full Fledged Sedan in Manual Transmission - Honda City is Strong recommended buy even in 2021.1 Aug 2021

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