What looks like a deer but isn't a deer?

1 Answer:
  • Alex Chong
    Despite their nickname, chevrotains are neither mice nor deer, but the world's smallest ungulates or hoofed mammals, according to GWC. They are shy and solitary, appear to walk on the tips of their hooves and have two tiny fangs. They typically weigh less than 10 pounds.11 Nov 2019
  • How do I pass my full motorcycle test?

    Here we run through 10 things that will help you pass your motorcycle test.
    1. Practice and preparation. ...
    2. Things to remember before the test. ...
    3. Watch your speed. ...
    4. Keep your head during the independent riding element. ...
    5. Don't forget the pre-test training. ...
    6. Practice, practice. ...
    7. The turn in the road. ...
    8. Listen to the instructor.
    10 Feb 2020
  • What does the A1 motorcycle test consist of?

    The A1 Motorcycle test can be taken on either a manual or automatic bike between 120-125cc with a power output of no more than 11kw (14.6bhp), and capable of producing a speed of at least 90km/h (55 mph). You will be required to complete both Module 1 and Module 2 in order to successfully pass your test.
  • How do you calculate hire purchase interest?

    Where the rate of interest is not given and only the cash price and the total payments under hire purchase installments are given, then the total interest paid is the difference between the cash price of the asset and the total amount paid as per the agreement.
  • What is difference between deer and moose?

    Moose are the largest deer species in the world. If you see a deer that's more than 6 ft 9 (2 m) at the withers, it is definitely a moose. The male's antlers are 4 ft 9 (1.5 m) wide. Like elk, moose are browsers and not grazers, which differentiates them from deer.1 Nov 2020
  • Is 9.9 APR good?

    A good APR for a credit card is anything below 14% -- if you have good credit. If you have excellent credit, you could qualify for an even better rate, like 10%. If you have bad credit, though, the best credit card APR available to you could be above 20%.

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