Whats bigger a moose or an elk?

1 Answer:
  • Ahmad Suhaimi Abd Rani
    Notice the differences between them. Moose are the largest animal in Colorado and are significantly larger than elk. A bull moose can be 6 to 7 feet tall at the shoulders and weighs over 1,000 pounds. A bull elk is typically 4 to 5 feet tall at the shoulders and weighs around 600 pounds.
  • Is caribou a moose?

    There are six subspecies of moose, but the diversity is slightly higher among caribou with nine subspecies. They both range in North America, Asia, and Europe, but caribou can live in much colder temperatures compared to moose. Moose is much larger compared to the body size of caribou.12 Sept 2011
  • Is it easy to pass a bike test?

    How hard is the CBT to pass? To reiterate here, there is no pass or fail of the CBT; it's practically impossible to fail because there is no test.22 Jun 2021
  • Is it compulsory to wear shoes while driving?

    The updated traffic rule has been enforced on two-wheeler users by the Government of India to keep road safety in check. As per the new rule, the scooter and biker users won't be allowed to wear slippers and sandals while riding the vehicle.11 Sept 2019
  • Is it an Offence driving with slipper under police regulations?

    There are no laws that forbid you from wearing slippers or sandals while driving a private vehicle. However, wearing slippers or sandals while driving a commercial vehicle (like a lorry, bus or taxi) is an offence under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987.17 Jul 2021
  • Can you eat wolves?

    Many people consider wolf meat to be inedible because lots of people have cemented that rule in their heads, and it has been passed down through generations. However, wolf meat is in fact edible and it can be cooked and prepared to be enjoyable.

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