Is motorcycle harder than car?

1 Answer:
  • Bunny
    Riding a motorcycle is more difficult than driving a car. With a car you only really need to worry about steering, braking and acceleration. Motorcycles require you to do all those things as well as change gears, balance and are much more difficult to ride slowly.
  • Which is better flat rate or hourly?

    In a flat rate system, newer mechanics may take longer on jobs and may be paid less overall than if they were in an hourly rate pay system. For technicians who have extensive experience and certifications, the value of flat rate pay may also be lower than what they might earn in an hourly rate pay system.12 Oct 2020
  • What is the difference between flat rate and effective rate?

    The difference between flat and effective interest rate is that, the rates under former is calculated on the entire loan principal over the course of the loan tenure. Whereas the latter, on other hand, is calculated on the outstanding balance, after taking into account your monthly repayment amounts.31 Oct 2018
  • What category is a full motorcycle licence?

    Category A
    A full motorcycle licence is Category A and you need to be at least 24 years old to get one. depending on your age, there are three other categories of motorcycle licence you might hold.
  • Is a fixed rate loan better?

    Fixed student loan interest rates are generally a better option than variable rates. That's because fixed rates always stay the same, while variable rates can change monthly or quarterly in response to economic conditions.15 Oct 2020
  • How do I know which loan is better?

    Interest rate/Annual percentage rate (APR)

    The interest rate and/or annual percentage rate (APR) is one of the most important factors to consider when determining which loan is best. For some loan types, comparing interest rates is appropriate, but the APR is a better number to review.
    4 Dec 2018

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