How is build quality of Maruti cars?

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  • Randy Louis
    Poor build quality has been an ongoing issue with Maruti Suzuki cars. The cars barely score any stars at the Global NCAP testing with the Maruti Vitara Brezza being the only exception in its portfolio that managed to score a four-star rating. All other cars have scored poorly.
  • How strong is Honda engine?

    Yes, they are good and very reliable. Honda have been pretty consistent when it comes to dependability and have always been in the top ten for reliability. In 2013 they were ranked first for engine reliability by WarrantyDirect, with a failure rate of just 1 in 344, which is 0.29%.
  • Does mg Astor have air purifier?

    It also has power-adjustable front seats, auto climate control, a 360-degree camera view, an air purifier, and an electric parking brake.4 Jan 2022
  • How long can Honda engines last?

    Honda engines are one of the most well-loved things about the cars and for good reason; they typically last 200,000 miles or more before needing serious repairs, according to Quora.17 Sept 2021
  • Is a Honda Accord a safe car?

    According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Honda Accord is one of the safest commuter vehicles on the road.29 Jul 2021
  • Is Toyota Yaris expensive to maintain?

    Here is the short answer to are Toyota Yaris expensive to maintain: The Toyota Yaris has very affordable maintenance costs. It would cost you around $333 to maintain a Yaris every year, which is significantly lower than the average of $456 annually for subcompact cars.20 Dec 2021

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