Should we buy Maruti cars?

1 Answer:
  • jy chew
    Maruti Suzuki cars are class-leading – in sales and fuel efficiency. You don't really pick a Maruti Suzuki cars for having class-leading features, be it in safety terms or just features for the sake of features. You buy a Hyundai if you want a feature-loaded car, or even perhaps a Mahindra or a Tata.3 Aug 2015
  • Is Mitsubishi Outlander a safe car?

    Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) announced today that the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander has been awarded the highest safety rating, TOP SAFETY PICK+ (TSP+), by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).7 Sept 2021
  • Is Kia Sonet build quality poor?

    Kia Sonet User Reviews

    It is a good car feature-loaded car. The mileage is good, and the rear space, built quality is also good. The engine is very refined.
  • Is Latin NCAP reliable?

    The compact sedan achieved 9.23% in Adult Occupant protection, 12.68% in Child Occupant protection, 53.11% in Pedestrian and Vulnerable Road User protection and 6.98% for Safety Assist. The New Accent was tested in frontal impact, side impact, whiplash and pedestrian protection.15 Dec 2021
  • Is Maruti Baleno worth buying?

    Answer: Yes, Maruti Baleno is a good option for long drives as it comes with superb cabin space, efficient and can be fun to drive. If is also good option in the matter of mileage, Baleno offers a good mileage of 21.4kmpl. and diesel engine claimed mileage of 27.39 million.1 Mar 2022
  • Why does Maruti sell so much?

    So by the time any rivals came on the scene, Maruti Suzuki was already well established on Indian soil, with cars like the Maruti 800 dominating the market. The reason the firm was so popular then, and remains so popular now, is also down to how well-suited its line-up is to the market.11 Dec 2015

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