How is the build quality of Dzire 2021?

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  • Dephine Lim
    Coming to Dzire, the company claims a mileage of 25–28 per litre of diesel, which is much more on the higher side when compared to the previous version. To achieve this mileage, they have reduced the car weight by using lighter materials, which results in poor build quality of the car.
  • Why do Mercedes depreciate so fast?

    The Mercedes Benz E Class is expensive when new and costly to maintain, which is the surest recipe for fast depreciation. It's a luxury car, so it suffers a similar fate to others in its class. These vehicles are leased a lot, so you see a massive influx of three-year-old versions of this car placed back on the market.6 Dec 2019
  • What is a five star car?

    To get five stars, a car must beat its rivals at the things that matter most to potential buyers (for example, performance and handling for a sports car, or practicality and comfort in an SUV) without disappointing in less crucial areas.10 Nov 2021
  • Why does Maruti sell so much?

    So by the time any rivals came on the scene, Maruti Suzuki was already well established on Indian soil, with cars like the Maruti 800 dominating the market. The reason the firm was so popular then, and remains so popular now, is also down to how well-suited its line-up is to the market.11 Dec 2015
  • Is the Suzuki Spresso safe?

    The S-Presso scored two points for child occupant protection, and Global NCAP expressed concern that the car does not offer three point belts in all positions as standard and offers no ISOFIX anchorages.12 Nov 2020
  • What is safety of Kia?

    In a Kia car, your safety is ensured as it has a full set of airbags, including driver/passenger seat airbag, driver knee airbag, curtain airbag and front/rear side airbag, whoever you drive with and however you might be impacted. Seat Belt Pre-tensioner.

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