How can I drive at night safely?

1 Answer:
  • Allen Wong
    12 Safety Tips For Driving At Night
    1. Be Extra Defensive. ...
    2. Combat Fatigue. ...
    3. Clean Up Your View. ...
    4. Avoid Two-Lane Highways. ...
    5. Slow Down. ...
    6. Angle Your Headlights Correctly. ...
    7. Use High Beams When Appropriate. ...
    8. Tweak Your Inside Lighting.
  • How do you turn off interior lights with hatch open traverse?

    Registered. On the 1st Gens, to the left of the steering wheel and to the right of the headlight controls is a knob that adjusts the instrument light intensity. Above it is a push button marked DOME OFF that will turn off the interior lights.3 Jun 2020
  • Do glasses help with night driving?

    Some wearers of night driving glasses report that they're better able to see at night while wearing them. However, visual tests indicate that night driving glasses do not improve night vision, and do not help drivers see pedestrians any faster than they would without them.29 Jan 2020
  • What should you do after being overtaken at night?

    Use your lights when overtaking

    Once you've drawn level with the vehicle you're overtaking, quickly switch headlights to full beam in order to fully illuminate the road ahead (as long as there are no vehicles ahead of you, of course).
    27 Jan 2017
  • Do headlights waste car battery?

    During daytime driving hours, leaving the lights on will drain a considerable amount of the battery's power. As long as the headlights are on, it may be necessary to return to a vehicle that doesn't have a strong enough battery to power the engine.11 Feb 2022
  • How do I turn on high-beam in Honda City?

    With the light switch is in AUTO, pull the lever toward you and hold it for at least 40 seconds. After the auto high-beam indicator light blinks twice, release the lever. To turn the system on: With the light switch is in AUTO, pull the lever toward you and hold it for at least 30 seconds.

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