Is there a hold button on this phone?

1 Answer:
  • fiona lee
    Open the Phone app. Tap More (three-dot button) and then Settings. Tap Hold for Me.5 abr 2019
  • What does RTT mean on Android?

    Real-time text
    Real-time text (RTT) lets you use text to communicate during a phone call. RTT works with TTY and doesn't require any additional accessories. Important: The information in this article might not apply to all devices. To find out if you can use RTT with your device and service plan, check with your carrier.
  • Why do call centers put you on hold?

    The Reason Why We Have to Wait

    Call centers, especially those providing technical support, drain company resources. There's a delicate balance between how annoyed a company can allow its customers to be and how much the company is willing to pay to mollify those customers.
    26 jul 2016
  • Is it on the phone or over the phone?

    Over the phone refers to the means of communication. To use that type of comm. On the phone refers more to the gadget itself.28 mar 2009
  • Can you Park an automatic in gear?

    Without the engine running an automatic transmission is effectively in neutral in any gear except park. Theoretically with park engaged also applying the parking brake is not necessary unless the car is on a big hill because the parking pawl has more than enough strength to hold the car from rolling.4 feb 2016
  • Should you put handbrake on before park?

    If you have an automatic gearbox, apply the handbrake first, then put it in P. This ensures that the car's weight isn't resting on the parking pawl. If you don't use the handbrake, you'll be putting constant pressure on the parking pawl and transmission components which will eventually fail, leading to costly repairs.

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