What is Call waiting on Android?

1 Answer:
  • Batikk Warisan
    Call Waiting is a feature that notifies someone currently engaged on a call that another caller is trying get through the line. At this point, the first call could be placed on hold to answer the incoming call. Using Call Waiting. To use Call Waiting, dial the relevant code on your mobile phone's keypad.24 oct 2018
  • How do you stop a tire?

    Tips to Curb Your Wheels Safely and Legally

    If you're faced downhill, turn your front wheels towards the curb. If you're faced uphill, turn your front wheels away from the curb and let your vehicle roll back until it gently touches the curb.
    8 nov 2016
  • What is last seen in Truecaller?

    Truecaller's Availability feature makes it possible for you to know if the person you're about to call is busy or not. For example, if you see a red bell icon next to that number it means that phone is on silent mode.
  • Why do automatic cars not have a handbrake?

    The handbrake in an automatic car

    This will engage an electronic motor, which in turn powers the braking mechanism. As braking systems in automatic cars are able to act without human input, most electronic handbrakes will instinctively disengage themselves as you pull away.
    28 dic 2020
  • Should you use the parking brake on an automatic Reddit?

    If you're going to use it at all, atleast use it when parked uphill or downhill. I always use the parking break unless I'm on perfectly flat ground i.e I can put the car in neutral, take my foot off the break and not roll. I hate the feeling of clunking the car back into gear after its been parked on a hill.19 may 2016
  • Is hold for me available in Canada?

    Some Pixel owners in Canada are now able to access Duplex-powered 'Hold for Me' in preview. The Pixel exclusive “Hold for Me” feature that allows you to utilize the Google Assistant to hold the line until you are ready now appears to be expanding into Canada.17 sept 2021

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