Can you wait on Hold for me?

1 Answer:
  • Fadli
    Open the Phone app. Tap More (three-dot button) and then Settings. Tap Hold for Me. Turn Hold for Me on or off.
  • Does BMW X2 have auto Hold?

    The X2 M35i has an electric park brake, as you'd expect, but I long for an auto-hold function.1 jun 2019
  • Why are hold messages so annoying?

    It's nothing but silence.

    Hold music and messaging helps the caller know that they are still on the line. Without it, the caller is left in a dead silence that makes them feel like they were disconnected. Callers don't like that experience, and it often leads them to hang up.
    15 nov 2016
  • What are the reasons why telephone calls are put on hold?

    Top 11 Reasons Why Call Centers Have Hold Times
    • #1. The service is understaffed. ...
    • #2. There are unexpected spikes in call volume. ...
    • #3. There are expected spikes in call volume. ...
    • #4. The service inaccurately assessed trends forecasted from the previous year. ...
    • #5. It's the middle of the night. ...
    • #6. ...
    • #7. ...
    • #8.
    29 nov 2018
  • How do I place a call on hold and make another call on android?

    Part of a video titled How to Answer an Incoming Call While Already on the Phone
    Call on most android phones you simply press accept to put your current caller on hold and acceptMoreCall on most android phones you simply press accept to put your current caller on hold and accept the new. Call.
  • Does Honda Pilot 2021 have brake hold?

    The real reason the Passport (and Ridgeline and Pilot) lack Brake Hold is because they don't have an Electric Parking Brake.10 feb 2021

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