What to say when you put someone on hold?

1 Answer:
  • Andy Tch
    May I place you on hold for a moment?” is the Ruby standard. It's that simple! Another tip from our live virtual receptionist crew is to thank the caller when resuming your conversation. “Thank you so much for your patience” is a great way to get back into the flow of a call.
  • How long has someone stayed on the phone?

    Eric R. Brewster '14 and Avery A. Leonard '14 fought off drooping eyelids and the urge to sleep last week as they held a phone conversation that lasted for 46 hours, 12 minutes, 52 seconds, and 228 milliseconds—potentially setting a new world record.23 ene 2012
  • How do you put someone on hold and call someone else?

    Part of a video titled Place callers on Hold with your iPhone. Call someone else and ...
    And you would like to place the person on hold simply hold down the mute button for five seconds. ItMoreAnd you would like to place the person on hold simply hold down the mute button for five seconds. It will then place them on hold. At which time you could add another call and merge the cause or.
  • How do I know if an incoming conference call?

    There are only three ways to tell if there is a third person on your call and you haven't invited him:
    1. You are informed by the other person who added the third person.
    2. In the same call, you're conversing with a third party.
    19 feb 2018
  • How do you merge calls without the other person knowing?

    You may merge an existing call or conference call with an incoming call. To do this: Tap "Hold Call + Answer". This will mute your current conversation and put it on hold.
  • What does call holding mean?

    Call holding is a feature in your phone that allows you to place an active call on hold in order to make another one, or to answer another incoming call.

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