What is amaron go?

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  • kyo kai
    Amaron GO Features

    With high heat tolerance, vibration resistance and highest reserve capacity, Amaron Go batteries are perfect for Indian cars. The high cranking power helps your car in starting in even extreme weather conditions. Amaron Go batteries require zero maintenance and no top-ups.
  • How many types of car battery are there?

    There are 7 most common car battery types in India including Lead Acid Battery, Lithium-ion Battery, SLI Battery (Start, Lighting and Ignition), Deep Cycle Battery, VRLA Battery, Nickel Metal Hydride Battery and Silver Calcium Battery.3 Aug 2021
  • What battery does a Honda Fit need?

    Battery Size & Replacement for 2017 Honda Fit
    BatteryEngineCold Cranking Amps
  • Which is better wet or dry battery?

    Longer Lifespan: A wet-cell battery has a much longer life span than of dry cells, so it won't need to be replaced as often. They also don't contain lead-acid. Deeper Discharges: The discharge rate is also more forgiving with a wet-cell battery, meaning that it can be discharged to 100% without damaging the cells.23 Aug 2021
  • What is the lifetime of a car battery?

    3-5 years
    In ideal conditions, car batteries typically last 3-5 years. Climate, electronic demands and driving habits all play a role in the lifespan of your battery. It's a good idea to air on the side of caution and get your battery performance tested regularly once it gets close to the 3-year mark.26 Sept 2018
  • How long does battery last Honda Civic?

    Honda Civic batteries usually last between 3-5 years, but this is variable depending on driving habits, weather conditions, the type of battery, and more.

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