How do I turn on front assist?

1 Answer:
  • Tuan Khairul Azmil
    From infotainment system

    You can also enable or disable the Front Assist system in the infotainment system by selecting the CAR button, then select SETUP. Then select Assistance systems. Scroll down and select or deselect Active next to Front Assist to enable or disable the feature.
    1 Dec 2020
  • Does 2008 Honda Fit have timing belt or chain?

    The Honda Fit Sport with an automatic transmission has paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. Timing belt or chain: The 1.5L engine doesn't have a timing belt; a timing chain is used instead. The timing chain doesn't need to be replaced in regular intervals.15 Dec 2021
  • Why does my Tesla slow down on cruise control?

    When a vehicle is detected, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is designed to slow down Model Y as needed to maintain a selected time-based distance from the vehicle in front, up to the set speed.
  • Does Honda Civic come with all wheel drive?

    Is the Honda Civic AWD? No, while the suspension of the sporty Honda Civic is calibrated for responsiveness, and the Civic offers thrilling turbocharged engine options, the drivetrain is FWD.
  • Is a Honda Fit a hybrid?

    2021 Honda Fit EHEV (Hybrid) is proving to be one of the best vehicles we've tested. Light on fuel, excellent performance, and so much space make it well-suited to small families.9 Jan 2022
  • Does 2008 Honda Fit have abs?

    The Fit comes standard with ABS and electronic brake-force distribution to help drivers avoid crashes in the first place.

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