Is Honda Fit CVT reliable?

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  • Rafi Rosly
    Honda makes some of the most reliable cars today, and this stellar reputation trickles down to its CVT gearboxes. So, you can be safe in knowing that a Honda with a CVT can comfortably last 10 years or more – 5 at the very minimum.23 Mar 2021
  • Are Honda Fit a good car?

    While not overly powerful, the Fit feels responsive, with a smooth and willing engine and agile handling that makes it fun to drive. The ride is choppy and the car is loud, so consider it as more of an urban runabout than a long distance commuter. Overall fuel economy was 30 mpg.
  • What transmission does 2007 Honda Fit have?

    5-speed automatic transmission
    The Fit's engine is mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission (standard) or a 5-speed automatic transmission (available). The 5-speed automatic transmission is a first for the Fit worldwide, and it is a first for the segment.
    2007 Honda Fit Powertrain.
    Gear Ratios5-Speed MT5-Speed AT
    Final Drive Ratio4.294.56
    31 Mar 2006
  • How many airbags does a Honda Fit have?

    The Fit is equipped with a sophisticated six-airbag system, which includes two front, two front side, and two side curtain airbags, each with coverage for the front and rear seats. Advanced sensors and inflator systems are designed so that the airbags deploy at precisely the right time with the appropriate force.
  • Does 2018 Honda Fit have side airbags?

    Safety features found on every Fit include anti-lock disc brakes with brake assist, Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control and a rearview camera, as well as six airbags.
    Retail Price.
    Engine1.5L I-4
  • Is Honda clarity all electric?

    Honda is discontinuing the all-electric Clarity, perhaps because its 89-mile EPA range didn't resonate with buyers. Honda's Clarity PHEV and fuel-cell vehicles will continue to be available.9 Mar 2020

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