What transmission does a 2008 Honda Fit have?

1 Answer:
  • Ahmad Haziq
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    2008 Honda Fit - Specifications
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission (available)• (with paddle shifters)
    Gear Ratios: 1st: 2.996, 2nd: 1.679, 3rd: 1.067, 4th: 0.756, 5th: 0.550, Reverse: 1.957, Final Drive: 4.56
    Unit-Body Construction
    31 Aug 2007
  • How many airbags does Amaze 2021 have?

    Honda Amaze comes with dual SRS airbags to ensure the maximum safety of occupants in the top-end variants both in petrol and diesel.
  • Is a Honda Fit a hybrid?

    2021 Honda Fit EHEV (Hybrid) is proving to be one of the best vehicles we've tested. Light on fuel, excellent performance, and so much space make it well-suited to small families.9 Jan 2022
  • How many gallons does Honda Fit have?

    The fuel tank capacity of Honda Fit 2020 is 10.6 gallons. It runs on regular gasoline with 2.8 gallons fuel per 100miles. With a full tank on this vehicle, you can run 349.8 miles in the city and 424 miles in the highway for automatic; and as for manual, 307.4 miles in the city and 381.6 miles in the highway.
  • Where are the airbags in a Honda Fit?

    They are housed in the outside edge of the driver's and front passenger's seat-backs. Both are marked SIDE AIRBAG. Side curtain airbags help protect the heads of the driver and passengers in outer seating positions during a moderate-to-severe side impact.
  • What kind of transmission does a 2007 Honda Fit have?

    The Fit's engine is mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission (standard) or a 5-speed automatic transmission (available). The 5-speed automatic transmission is a first for the Fit worldwide, and it is a first for the segment.
    2007 Honda Fit Powertrain.
    Gear Ratios5-Speed MT5-Speed AT
    Final Drive Ratio4.294.56
    31 Mar 2006

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