What type of transmission does a 2008 Honda Fit have?

1 Answer:
  • Allison Chow
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    2008 Honda Fit - Specifications
    5-Speed Manual Transmission
    Gear Ratios: 1st: 3.462, 2nd: 1.870, 3rd: 1.321, 4th: 0.970, 5th: 0.757, Reverse: 3.231, Final Drive: 4.29
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission (available)• (with paddle shifters)
    31 Aug 2007
  • What is the fuel capacity of a 2008 Honda Fit?

    10.8 gal.
    Used 2008 Honda Fit Specs & Features
    Fuel & MPG
    Combined MPG29 mpg
    EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy)27/33 mpg
    Fuel tank capacity10.8 gal.
    Fuel typeRegular unleaded
  • Does 2018 Honda Fit have side airbags?

    Safety features found on every Fit include anti-lock disc brakes with brake assist, Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control and a rearview camera, as well as six airbags.
    Retail Price.
    Engine1.5L I-4
  • Is the Honda Fit fun to drive?

    When you're out in the market for a quality hatchback that's known to be fun to drive, reliable and gives good value for money, the Honda Fit certainly fits the bill. It's stylish, agile, and has an interior space that would put most crossovers to shame.2 Aug 2021
  • Does Honda Fit have anti theft device?

    The vehicle is equipped with a means of anticipating and/or detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion. The vehicle is equipped with an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used.
  • What is Front Assist Skoda?

    The Front Assist is a collision-alert safety system monitoring the situation in front of the vehicle via radar. Faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise the consequences.

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