What is City Brake Assist?

1 Answer:
  • Harrison Lee
    Brake Assist is designed to help drivers apply full emergency stopping power in a panic-stop situation. If Brake Assist detects an extreme rate of pedal application and pressure as the result of a sudden stop, the system applies full braking force to help stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible.
  • What is Auto hold on Mazda cx5?

    AUTOHOLD. The AUTOHOLD function automatically holds the vehicle stopped, even if you take your foot off the brake pedal. This function can be best used while stopped in traffic or at a traffic light.
  • What is City assist in a car?

    City Safety assists the driver by continuously trying to determine possible "escape routes" to the sides if a slow-moving or stationary vehicle ahead is detected at a late stage. City Safety will not trigger the auto-brake function as long as the driver has a chance to avoid a collision by steering the vehicle.
  • How does Mazda Smart City Brake Support Work?

    SCBS (Smart City Brake Support)

    When driving at low speeds (approximately 4 - 30 km/h) a laser sensor mounted on the windsheild senses the car in front. If the system detects a risk of collision, it prepares the brake system to be ready to deliver maximum stopping power when the driver brakes.
  • What does JTBC stand for?

    JTBCJust To Be Clear
  • What is brake assist and how does it work?

    How Does Emergency Brake Assist Work? When the vehicle detects that the brake pedal is being used to achieve a sudden stop, the emergency brake assist pushes the pedal all the way to the floor. Keep your foot on the brake in order for your anti-lock brakes to engage if it is needed.6 ago 2018

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