Does Honda City have rear brakes?

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  • Devayane Shunmugam
    Braking & Handling

    The disc brakes at the front wheel are larger compared to the older version of Honda City and the new brake master cylinder has been made longer but with a smaller diameter. Drum brakes do their duty at the rear.
  • What is Honda City-brake active system?

    Specifically designed to help avoid or mitigate low speed accidents, City-Brake Active system is a laser radar system that scans the road ahead, automatically applying the brakes if an imminent risk of collision is detected.
  • What is city emergency brake?

    If the driver does not react in the event of an impending collision with a vehicle ahead or a stationary vehicle, the system primes the brakes in the same way as Front Assist. If necessary, the City Emergency Braking function then automatically initiates an emergency stop to mitigate the severity of any collision.
  • What is the mileage of Honda City ZX 2008?

    Honda City ZX 2005-2008 Mileage
    Fuel TypeTransmissionARAI Mileage
    PetrolManual17.7 kmpl
    PetrolAutomatic16.4 kmpl
  • What is City brake Support forward?

    Smart City Brake Support Forward (SCBS-F)

    SCBS-F monitors the vehicle in front to assess the likelihood of a collision. If there is a high risk, the system will warn you and brake automatically if needed.
  • What is City-Brake Assist?

    Brake Assist is designed to help drivers apply full emergency stopping power in a panic-stop situation. If Brake Assist detects an extreme rate of pedal application and pressure as the result of a sudden stop, the system applies full braking force to help stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible.

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