Does Nexon have cooled glove box?

1 Answer:
  • Sarip Dol
    A cooled glove box for keeping your essentials chilled, multiple slots for holding your nitty-gritties, hooks for bags in the front and the back.
  • How do car seat coolers work?

    Air-conditioned seats feature built-in fans that circulate air to keep your body cool. Once in motion, the air is blown through a diffusion layer under the seat fabric. The cooling effect then spreads upward to the surface, so occupants get a maximum effect from the cab's AC cooling or heating system.19 Oct 2018
  • What is City braking?

    If the driver does not react in the event of an impending collision with a vehicle ahead or a stationary vehicle, the system primes the brakes in the same way as Front Assist. If necessary, the City Emergency Braking function then automatically initiates an emergency stop to mitigate the severity of any collision.
  • How good is Honda City 2010?

    User Reviews for Honda City (2010)

    Best Features: Extremely good interior and with superb drive quality. Pros: Ride quality, intirior & exterior dynamics, spacious, powerful (0-100km/h) in 9 sec and very low maintenance. Cons: Bit over priced compared to competitors.
  • What are vented seats in cars?

    Ventilated Seats or seat ventilation is a feature that is built into the seats and it directs air through the seat unto the occupant for increased comfort especially on long journeys. Ventilated seats function via several small fans in the seat cushion and backrest.
  • What is City-Brake Assist?

    Brake Assist is designed to help drivers apply full emergency stopping power in a panic-stop situation. If Brake Assist detects an extreme rate of pedal application and pressure as the result of a sudden stop, the system applies full braking force to help stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible.

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