Is ventilated seats available in Honda City?

1 Answer:
  • kai hoong
    No, Honda City 2020 does not have ventilated seats.
  • What is a refrigerated glove box?

    Cool Glove Box is a feature in which cool air from automotive HVAC system is used to maintain the temperature of the beverages in passenger vehicles. There are various parameters which play a vital role in maintaining the temperature of the beverages and to reduce the rise in temperature.3 Apr 2018
  • Is Honda City 2009 a CVT?

    It also allowed customers to enjoy a smooth CVT that always keeps the engine in its peak powerband. Now for the 2009 model year, while the City is still somewhat based on the Jazz especially with its underpinings, there is no resemblance on the outside at all.13 Oct 2008
  • Does Honda City have ABS brakes?

    Ans : Yes, the Honda City is offered with Anti-Lock Braking System as standard safety features which avoids skidding on panic braking.
  • How hot does it get in glove compartment?

    The doctor said he found the temperature of glove compartments could reach 150 degrees in summer in Visalia, in the San Joaquin Valley. Floor areas shielded from direct sunlight averaged 20 degrees cooler than glove compartments, he said.2 Oct 1987
  • Does Honda City 2021 have ventilated seats?

    Unlike its prime rival Hyundai Verna, the new City does not sport a vent in its glovebox to keep the beverages cool. When it comes to comfort, Honda has never let down. In the new City, you get cushioned seats, great side support and a larger headrest.7 Jul 2020

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