Is Miata safe?

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  • Azrul Hafizerting
    2020 safety features

    With technologies such as blind-spot monitoring, a rear-cross traffic alert system, and a lane departure warning feature, the Miata is safer than ever. All of its safety features work together to help avoid collisions. All of these systems are designed to at least dampen an impact.
    9 Dec 2020
  • Why did Honda stop using double wishbone?

    Honda, which never failed to mention the Accord's advanced double wishbone setup in their ads, claims the change was due to NVH and crash compliance issues. It also says that, because of how it tunes the strut setup, the current car handles and rides better than the double wishbone design.
  • How safe is a NA Miata?

    According to a 1996 study from IIHS' Highway Loss Data Institute (HiLDI), the Miata's fatality risk measured 38 in multi-vehicle collisions on a scale that sets “average” at 100 (1 death per 10,000 vehicles on the road). It was the best in the small sports car class at the time.30 Mar 2016
  • What is Torsilastic suspension?

    Torsilastic spring / Torsion Bar for SILVER EAGLE BUSES

    TORSION BAR suspensions use a steel bar in a sleeve connected to a lever arm to provide the up and down action. Newer torsion bars are encased in hard rubber inside the sleeve to further buffer the road noise and vibration between the axle and the chassis.
  • How long do Mazda MX-5 last?

    It's also reliable. And, according to iSee Car's data, the Miata has the potential to last for at least 200,000-miles.10 Feb 2021
  • Are miatas easy to steal?

    As someone who has locked themself out of their own car multiple times, I can confirm that the Miata is just as easy to break into with or without the hardtop. I can nearly fit my fingers in the seal between the driver-side window and the hardtop.17 Mar 2016