Which bones protect the brain?

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  • Anuar Leiman
    The skull protects the brain and forms the shape of the face. The spinal cord, a pathway for messages between the brain and the body, is protected by the backbone, or spinal column.
  • Why do radius arms bind?

    The use of two arms in this set up is to help prevent the axle housing from rotating and binding under power. One particular issue many will note with radius arms is the tendency for the front end to unload when power is applied. Now, when you're in any vehicle, the front end will lift when power is applied.13 dic 2018
  • What is Scott Russel mechanism?

    Concept: The Scott-Russell mechanism gives a theoretically linear motion by using a linkage form with three portions of the links all equal, and a rolling or sliding connection. It converts linear motion, to linear motion in a line roughly perpendicular to the input.
  • Which inversion is used in locomotive?

    Detailed Solution
    Four Bar Chain MechanismBeam Engine (crank and lever mechanism) Coupling rod of a locomotive (double crank mechanism) Watt's Indicator (Double lever mechanism)
    Double Slider Crank MechanismElliptical trammels.
  • What is a track bar in suspension?

    A Panhard rod (also called Panhard bar, track bar, or track rod) is a suspension link that provides lateral location of the axle. Originally invented by the Panhard automobile company of France in the early twentieth century, this device has been widely used ever since.
  • What did Matthew Boulton and James Watt do?

    Boulton foresaw great industrial demand for steam power and urged Watt to design the double-acting rotative engine, patented in 1782, and the Watt engine (1788) for driving the lapping machines at his factory. An 1871 medal celebrating the partnership of Matthew Boulton and James Watt.