What's better 4-link or ladder bars?

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  • Dimas Sanjaya
    A 4-link is definitely superior to ladder bars. However, a 4-link is only superior in application if you are willing to invest the time it takes to sort it out. A ladder bar has two or three adjustment holes that actually work; a 4-link might have 50!
  • Whats the purpose of a track bar?

    The purpose of the trackbar is to control the left-to-right offset of the rear axle. The attachments at the left and right side of the trackbar allow for up and down motion, but not side-to-side motion. A trackbar has two mounting points – one on the frame and one on the rear-end housing.1 ago 2012
  • How do you do a 4 link suspension?

    Part of a video titled Building a 4-Link Suspension to Conquer the Trails - Carcass S2, E6
    Four link suspension. And that is exactly what it sounds like we're going to be running a set ofMoreFour link suspension. And that is exactly what it sounds like we're going to be running a set of upper links. And a set of lower links from the axle up to the chassis.
  • What is Scott Russel mechanism?

    Concept: The Scott-Russell mechanism gives a theoretically linear motion by using a linkage form with three portions of the links all equal, and a rolling or sliding connection. It converts linear motion, to linear motion in a line roughly perpendicular to the input.
  • What is another name for radius arm?

    A radius rod (also called a radius arm, torque arm, torque spring, and torsion bar) is a suspension link intended to control wheel motion in the longitudinal (fore-aft) direction.
  • Does your ulna and radius Cross?

    The ulna forms part of the wrist joint and elbow joints. Specifically, the ulna joins (articulates) with: trochlea of the humerus, at the right side elbow as a hinge joint with semilunar trochlear notch of the ulna. the radius, near the elbow as a pivot joint, this allows the radius to cross over the ulna in pronation.