Which is bigger E-Pace or F-pace Jaguar?

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  • kevin lim
    The F-Pace is larger and heavier than the E-Pace but still offers a suitably sporty driving experience. It's based on a larger platform borrowed from the XE and XF so is rear-wheel drive when not fitted with the optional all-wheel-drive system, compared to the E-Pace's native front-wheel drive layout.13 Jul 2017
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  • What batteries are in the Jaguar I-pace?

    With a state-of-the-art 90kWh Lithium-ion battery comprising 432 pouch cells, chosen for their high energy density and superior thermal management, the I-PACE delivers a range of 470km (WLTP cycle).
  • Is I-pace an SUV?

    The Jaguar I-Pace pretty much defined a new segment of luxury electric SUVs, one that's now also populated by the Audi e-tron and Mercedes EQC; the Tesla Model X came before all of these but is much larger and more akin to an MPV by traditional standards.
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