What are the 2 stages of risk assessment?

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  • Leo Teh
    2. Steps needed to manage risk
    • Identify hazards.
    • Assess the risks.
    • Control the risks.
    • Record your findings.
    • Review the controls.
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  • How do you compile a risk assessment?

    Part of a video titled How to write a Risk Assessment - YouTube
    At the top of the form we put the company name and the name of the project we're working on forMoreAt the top of the form we put the company name and the name of the project we're working on for example it may be a school a local authority a building site or a swimming baths.
  • What is the third step of risk assessment?

    Welcome to the third step of our risk assessment series – Evaluate and control… Now you have identified the hazards and determined who might be harmed you need to access, or evaluate, the risk.
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  • How long must a risk assessment be kept?

    between five to seven years
    Depending on the jurisdiction, risk assessment should be kept between five to seven years after a dangerous incident has taken place. Unless an incident has taken place, there is no minimum time period PCBU's are required to keep records for but the practice is recommended nonetheless.1 Sept 2019