What is the future of ADAS?

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  • cybershot
    As we move forward with more advanced ADAS systems such as lane departure warning systems, forward collision warning systems, and traffic signals recognition, we're getting into whole new fields that require a greater degree of integration of complex systems, beyond just the control of the machine.8 sept 2021
  • What are ads driving?

    “Driving automation” refers to both Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Systems (ADS). ADAS features on a vehicle support human drivers while an ADS may ultimately be able to operate a vehicle without a human driver.
  • What is Kia Advanced Driving Assistance pack?

    These Advanced Driver Assistance Systems come to the aid of drivers whether they are backing out of a tight parking spot and need an extra set of “eyes” in the back or need a clearer view of that pesky blind spot to avoid a potential collision.
  • How many lives has lane keep assist saved?

    ADAS technologies have the potential to prevent 20,841 deaths per year, or about 62% of total traffic deaths. Lane keeping assist accounts for 14,844 of this savings, while pedestrian automatic braking accounts for another 4,106 lives saved.
  • What is Kia DriveWise?

    Kia DriveWise. Driver Assistance Technologies. DriveWise is an advanced Drive Assistance Technology that uses preventative measures to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.
  • What are popular ADAS systems?

    Some of the most popular ADAS technologies include adaptive cruise control (ACC), traffic sign recognition (TSR), and forward collision warning (FCW), which you can learn more about below. ADAS technologies are powered by advanced computing, including artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and edge computing.19 oct 2020