Can I use Vaseline instead of flux?

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  • Abah Mohd Ali
    Yes, Vaseline works just as well as commercial flux, and you can even buy a generic brand. Petroleum jelly is primarily made from waxes and mineral oils so that it won't corrode your components. Plus, it cleans away the gunk and eliminates metal oxides that could compromise your bond.3 Mar 2021
  • What is the maximum range of the Kia E-Niro with 150 kW 204 bhp )?

    Battery and Charging

    A range of about 230 miles is achievable on a fully charged battery.
  • Does the Kia Niro have wireless Apple CarPlay?

    The feature changes for the Niro EV aren't massive, but they do represent some real quality-of-life improvements. We're big fans of the move to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as the inclusion of a rear seat occupant alert.4 Jun 2021
  • Can I solder directly to a battery?

    You should never solder directly on a battery. It might not be dangerous, but you will hurt the cell. If you must solder, do it where I have marked in red, and squeeze a fishpaper or something that can take the heat away from the cells. The best solution is to spot weld a new nickel-plated steel tab and than solder.6 Jul 2013
  • How do I get wifi in my Kia?

    The Wi-Fi Hotspot is activated once you enroll or re-enroll an eligible vehicle into Kia Connect. We have partnered with Verizon to provide eligible vehicles with a free trial of Wi-Fi Hotspot for 3 months or 3 GB of data (whichever comes first).
  • Can I make my own flux?

    Part of a video titled DIY Liquid Flux How To Make Fast Easy Cheap - YouTube
    It's cheap very cheap to make the flux i add some california chips to an empty pill bottle. And thenMoreIt's cheap very cheap to make the flux i add some california chips to an empty pill bottle. And then fill the bottle. About three-quarter full of alcohol. The flux will immediately start to dissolve.