Can I use grease as soldering flux?

1 Answer:
  • Kamarul Azizi
    probably not. grease and flux have different purposes. Car grease is a lubricant and flux chemically cleans a surface for good bond. Grease will make soldering harder since it will probably burn and resist flow of solder.16 Aug 2013
  • What is flux for soldering?

    What is Flux? Flux aids in soldering and desoldering processes by removing oxide films which form on the surface of metals being soldered. It increases the wetting ability of the solder, causing it to flow more uniformly over surfaces without balling-up (dewetting).
  • Is rosin the same as flux?

    Rosin (R) flux is a combination of rosin and solvent best suited for clean and easy-to-solder surfaces. Rosin is hard, not conductive, and general corrosion-resistant. Rosin flux residuals may be left on the assembly or removed with a compatible solvent.24 Mar 2020
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