What is vehicle balance?

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  • Muhammad Halif Arli
    Terms in this set (34) T or F: Vehicle balance refers to the distribution of the weight of the vehicle on the tires as they meet the ground. T. As soon as motion occurs a transfer of weight from one point of the vehicle to another is caused by. acceleration, deceleration, cornering, or a combination.
  • What is the spider method in driving?

    Method/results: A "SPIDER" model is developed that identifies key cognitive processes that are impaired when drivers divert attention from driving. SPIDER is an acronym standing for scanning, predicting, identifying, decision making, and executing a response.
  • Which way do you look when turning?

    Part of a video titled Where To Look When Turning-Beginner Driving Lesson
    Left side in your left blind spot if I was making a left turn if I was doing a right turn it'd beMoreLeft side in your left blind spot if I was making a left turn if I was doing a right turn it'd be the right side mirror and the right blind spot.
  • What is the turning rule?

    The turning rule means that when turning at a junction, you may not obstruct traffic on the road you are turning on to. When turning left at an intersection, you must also swerve for oncoming traffic.
  • When you are passed you should?

    Explanation When being passed, it is generally a good idea to ride in the center portion of your lane. Being on the side nearest the passing vehicle increases your risk of a collision. Being on the side farthest from the passing vehicle may prompt the other driver to merge back into your lane before it is safe.
  • How do you stay in your lane in life?

    Taking detours into others' lives and lanes usually results in bumps along the way.
    1. Ask first. ...
    2. Slow down and think before you speak. ...
    3. Never explain your decisions unless you feel like doing so. ...
    4. Use the “I” statement rather than you. ...
    5. Keep all in perspective. ...
    6. Lie low.As a recent psychologist Jonathan R.
    7 Feb 2020