How does iPhone Maps know where I'm going?

1 Answer:
  • Saravanan Chandira Sekeran
    These alerts draw on iOS 9's Frequent Locations feature, which the Maps app uses to provide what Apple calls predictive traffic routing. Your iPhone keeps track of places you've visited recently and often, then guesses where you're headed next and provides a corresponding traffic update.29 Sept 2015
  • What is driving mode in Google Maps?

    Google's driving mode replaces your Android's usual interface with one that's supposed to be easier to see and use while driving. There's a setting in Google Maps that tells your phone to go into driving mode whenever it connects to your car's Bluetooth.1 Feb 2022
  • What is Google Maps used for?

    A mapping and navigation application for desktop and mobile devices from Google. Maps provides turn-by-turn directions to a destination along with 2D and 3D satellite views, as well as public transit information. Maps also offers "Street Views," which are photos of the actual streets and surroundings.
  • How do I add police to Google Maps?

    To add a new traffic report, however, tap the “Add A Report” option at the top of the menu. There are several available live traffic situations that you can report using the “Add A Report” feature. For instance, if you're stuck in traffic, you could select the “Congestion” option.5 Dec 2020
  • Is TomTom obsolete?

    On its website, TomTom says it made devices obsolete because “it has become clear that some of our older generation navigation devices do not have sufficient resources to run the newest maps and software available”.3 Feb 2018
  • How does Google Maps get Street View?

    Google collects Street View imagery by driving, pedaling, sailing and walking around and capturing imagery with special cameras that simultaneously collect images in multiple directions. The images are later overlapped and stitched together into a single 360-degree image.