What is the top speed for Stinger GT?

1 Answer:
  • Shafiq Shaukie
    The Stinger's familiar 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 drives the rear-wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox. 0-60mph takes 4.7 seconds, which makes the Stinger GT S the fastest-accelerating Kia ever, and the top speed is an autobahn-friendly 167mph.7 ene 2021
  • Can you use Lucas Transmission Fix in a CVT transmission?

    Is Lucas Transmission Fix Safe For Cvt Transmission? This product is not designed to work with CVT transmission systems, so it has a disadvantage. In comparison to SUVs and trucks with high mileage, this product is not as efficient.1 dic 2021
  • Can you paddle shift a CVT transmission?

    Both traditional automatics and cars with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) use paddle shifters to offer the driver more control over the car. These are often paired with specific ECU programming to ensure the driver doesn't damage the car's transmission with aggressive or abusive shifting.12 nov 2020
  • Does the K5 GT Line have paddle shifters?

    The GT trim gets an engine upgrade to 2.5L Turbo 4-Cylinder engine with 311 pound feet of torque and 290 horsepower. Driving enthusiasts will enjoy the 8-speed Dual Clutch Transmission and Steering Wheel Mounted Paddle Shifters.
  • Are Kia Stingers fast?

    The Stinger GT offers an impressive 0-60 acceleration time of only 4.7 seconds -- faster than a six-cylinder Porsche Panamera. As the first Kia sedan offered with rear- or all-wheel drive, the Stinger can excel in any type of climate.
  • How does a CVT work with paddle shifters?

    The Feature: HR-V drivers who choose a Sport or above trim can call the shifts for themselves with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The paddle shifters can be used to downshift the transmission—such as when descending a steep hill—for greater engine braking. The transmission can be upshifted as well.