Is Kia coming out with an electric vehicle?

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  • Dennis WM Loo
    The EV9 will be the first Kia to be equipped with the company's AutoMode autonomous driving system, which Kia says will be available on all new models launched in major markets by 2026. After the 576-hp EV6 GT, Kia plans to expand the high-performance GT lineup to all models of its upcoming electric lineup.3 mar 2022
  • Is Kia Niro big enough?

    It's still more than big enough in the front for tall drivers to stretch out, however, and there's plenty of adjustment for the seat and steering wheel to help you get comfy.
  • What is Rive move?

    RiveMove is a product that allows you to move your High Backed Booster, on average, 7 cm towards the door. This allows the centre seat to be used by an adult or the fitting of a further child's seat. It is compatible with all High backed Booster that are secured using isofix, and suitable for 91% of all cars.
  • How does the Niro plug in hybrid work?

    Parallel Hybrid System

    Combining a hybrid-optimized Atkinson cycle engine with a highly-efficient electric motor, the Niro Plug-In Hybrid offers a 26-mile all electric range rating** along with up to 46 combined MPG**. Through a regenerative braking system, the vehicle captures kinetic energy to recharge the battery.
  • Does a Kia Niro fit three car seats?

    Kia e-Niro

    It's also great value and decent to drive, too. There's a big boot for family detritus with 451 litres of space, while it's possible to fit three child seats across the rear seating - there are two ISOFIX fittings on the outer two seats, while there's top tether anchorages across all three seat backs.
    10 feb 2022
  • Does Kia sell electric cars?

    With an attractive skin, mid-pack pricing, and a range that tops 300 miles, the Kia EV6 hopes to make more electric-car converts out of its customers.31 ene 2022