What is the maximum range on a Kia Niro?

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  • ATan ATan
    When it comes to travel range, the 2021 Kia Niro EV is capable of travelling up to 123 miles in the city or 102 miles on the highway before needing to recharge.8 oct 2021
  • Is Kia Niro big enough?

    It's still more than big enough in the front for tall drivers to stretch out, however, and there's plenty of adjustment for the seat and steering wheel to help you get comfy.
  • How does the Niro plug in hybrid work?

    Parallel Hybrid System

    Combining a hybrid-optimized Atkinson cycle engine with a highly-efficient electric motor, the Niro Plug-In Hybrid offers a 26-mile all electric range rating** along with up to 46 combined MPG**. Through a regenerative braking system, the vehicle captures kinetic energy to recharge the battery.
  • What age is group 2 3 car seat?

    Group 2/3 – 15kg to 36kg (4 years to 12 years) Group 3 – 22kg to 36kg (from 5 or 6 years and more than 125cm tall)28 mar 2022
  • Where is the Kia Niro battery located?

    voltage and Low voltage)

    High voltage modules supply and store electric energy to traction motor and it is a Lithium ion polymer battery with specifications, 240V / 6.5Ah / 1.56kWh. It is located in the under the rear seat of the Niro.
  • Is the Kia Niro a compact SUV?

    Verdict With an affordable price and an efficient hybrid powertrain, the Niro is a small SUV for frugal buyers, but it's not particularly electrifying from behind the wheel.