What are window shock sensors?

1 Answer:
  • Jason Raj
    Shock sensors are designed to sense the physical shockwaves associated with a window being broken. A shock sensor could also be placed on a door to alert the system if someone tries to break down the door.26 Sept 2018
  • Are miatas easily stolen?

    It IS statistically a theft deterrent. The other nice thing is that older Miatas are not worth enough to make them high risk for theft.17 Mar 2016
  • Does Best Buy do a good job installing car alarms?

    Posted 2 years ago . Best Buy does a good job. I have had some bad experiences in the past but it depends on which store you go to. For the most part, I have had a great experience overall with their installation team.
  • How can I find out if my car came with remote start?

    Finding the Remote Start Button

    To find out if you have the remote start option, you must first take a look at your key fob. The remote-start button is shaped like a curved arrow. If your key fob has this button, that means that your car is equipped with Remote Start.
    11 Mar 2021
  • Can you adjust alarm sensitivity?

    Search for the adjustment dial -- a small dial or inset screw located along one side of the module. Turn the dial clockwise with either your fingers or the tip of a slotted screwdriver to turn up the sensitivity; turn it counterclockwise to decrease the sensitivity.
  • What is shock sensor P and F?

    What is shock sensor P and F in Ignis? The NEXA Ignis comes with shock sensors that is designed with P and F settings. Using the P setting, you can adjust the pre-warning sensitivity of the sensor while using the F setting, you can full blast warning sensitivity of the shock sensor.