What is Viper shock sensor?

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  • Andy Siaw
    Each Viper security system comes standard with the dual stage Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, which detects blows or impacts to the vehicle and can discriminate light impacts from heavy ones.
  • Do WRX Sti get stolen?

    Luis Slotkin had his 2004 Subaru WRX STI performance car stolen recently and it was found stripped of its engine, hood, trunk lid and interior parts. Over $20,000 worth of parts were stolen off the car.
    Subaru WRX/STIs are Being Targeted by Car Thieves; What Should Owners Do?
    2018 STIWRX/STI cabin
    2018 WRX2018 STI
    11 Jul 2017
  • What is an OBD lock?

    (Diagnostic Port Lock)

    An extremely strong metal protective cap prevents access to the OBD port. Without your coded key, the OBD protector is impossible to be removed without damaging the plug and the wiring harness. No OBD access, means no electronic bypass of the vehicle by the thief! OBD METAL PROTECTIVE CAP.
  • Why does my alarm go off when I connect the battery?

    Usually, your battery sends a signal whenever you're starting the engine. If your battery is low on power, then the alarm will go off whenever you turn on your car. Think of it as the car letting you know that it's time to replace it. You can check your battery's condition by using a voltmeter.29 Jul 2020
  • How do you calibrate an accelerometer sensor?

    How do you calibrate an accelerometer?
    1. Position the accelerometer with the arrow pointing down for the first calibration point.
    2. Define this as −9.8 m/s2 or –1 g. Rotate the accelerometer so the arrow points up and use the reading for the second calibration point.
    3. Define this as +9.8 m/s2 or +1 g.
  • How often are Subarus stolen?

    Registered. According to this article, the Subaru Outback is the 10th least stolen vehicle from the 2016-2018 model years, according to a study of insurance theft claims conducted by the Highway Data Loss Institute. It has a reported relative theft-claim frequency of 22, with 100 being average among all vehicles.13 Jan 2020